Psychographics of Solari Parravicini

Prophecies about the future of society


Parravicini will advance more than 40 years in his prophecies about the changes that happen in today's society, more information regarding society and culture can be found in the following bibliography, "Testament prophets," "prophetic drawings I, II and III" "Southern Cone, a beacon of light in the world" (At the end of each paragraph the year in which I make the prophecy).


"A clash of powers between Yanks and Russians. Gunfight conquest of space and land. Although not enough, America will scepter." Year 1941

"The property shall be removed by the constant laughter of the blind man who did not listen. The darkness is total and it will roll to the infinite punishment, pray!". Year 1968

El hombre volará los espacios siderales

"Man will fly sidereal space, will expire on sound, meet the stars and know that the world is inferior planet and punishment." Year 1937

"The mechanism will evict the man and the man moved succumb to hunger." Year 1939

"The world will become unpredictable to the mask astronaut, will bow and reverence. The bird man will be admired, but this blindness go away when the thunder of war ravaged the regions of the world." Year 1939

"The time marks the end of the Times." Year 1939

"The atom will dominate the world, the world is fragmented and go blind. Will fall storms caused by the incursions of man in the atmosphere, new diseases, gender trastoque, collective madness, total nonsense. The world darkened" Year 1934

"Music is power in conjunction with the black. Both will ravage the world and her slave march the world toward ultimate chaos." Year 1936

"The voice of the heart and not the man - and the world to chaos roll 65 to 85. Then the voice of Christ and He in the world." Year 1937 (see note below)

The atom come and reign


"Dreams of Love Litz be played at the beginning of evil, then it will be black music, then electronics, and end at the end of Kampi music." Undated Year





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 "A picture is worth a thousand words"

Sputnik was the first satellite in space was launched by the Russians.


The dog Laika was sent by the Russians the first living creature to go into space and back.


The Apollo program was established by the U.S. to win the space race to the moon, come with the Apollo 11 (then know it was a fraud)


Launch of a transport ship to the U.S. international space station.


Fotografía de una nave rusa Vostok.


The music of black origin be mixed in the dance rhythms throughout the world.


The crimes would become commonplace, the powerful and corrupt politicians on the rise.


Child prostitution is to become normal.



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